medSage – Much more than just software!

medSage is more than just software to our customers. Just as our product is the ideal platform for your patient management process, our services are designed to help you provide world class service to your patients and referral sources.

Best Practices

medSage provides you with best practice recommendations through one-on-one discussions and training with our experienced customer satisfaction team. Based on our experience in the industry, the best practices have been designed to aid you in several areas:

  1. Examples of global patient management processes
  2. How to utilize the medSage application to it’s maximum potential
  3. How to educate your patients on the follow up program
  4. How to manage notifications and reorders generated from medSage
  5. We provide you with examples of patient scripts using language and containing features that have been used successfully on 500,000 plus patients.
  6. Marketing materials for your patient management program including quantifiable outcomes data on your program performance.


medSage provides you with an indicator of success by goals and measures of performance for your company. Benchmarks provide each of our customers with quantifiable metrics from similar providers in the industry. These metrics help medSage customers to identify areas in need of improvement and/or areas where they excel. This data is also a tremendously useful marketing tool with referral sources.


Outcome Reports

Using medSage, our customers know more about their patient population than remotely possible before. For instance, providers who are using our OSA Patient Management Application routinely receive reports that answer the following questions:

  1. What masks are your patients using?
  2. If patients are switching masks, what are they switching from and what are they switching to?
  3. What masks are your therapists having to replace due to performance problems or sizing changes?
  4. What masks are your patients, on average, more compliant to their therapy with?
  5. How is your patient compliance compared to like companies and how is it trending?
  6. How many new patient set ups did my new branch complete in the last 7 days, 30 days, etc.?

Here are two examples of our outcomes reports:


Resource/Process Templates

medSage provides its customers with a wide array of templates. These templates are commonly best practice examples used by world-class homecare providers as part of their patient management process. These are available at any time and are updated frequently.

Examples of Process Templates include:

  1. Insurance change letter
  2. Patient Issue letter
  3. New patient in-service letter
  4. Patient introduction letter
  5. Unreachable patient letter
  6. Marketing presentation template

Communication with your patients is a key element in the success of using the medSage software. We provide you with resource documents to use as templates for customer communication. These templates cover topics such as:

  1. How to introduce and explain the benefits of your automated follow-up program
  2. How to communicate with patients who you have not been able to contact via telephone
  3. How to explain the benefits of replacing supplies to a patient
  4. How to present your patient follow up service to a referral source.

Detailed Status Review

Periodically through the year, our customer satisfaction team provides you with a detailed analysis documenting how the medSage program is working for you. Our one-on-one status reviews will cover statistical data along with any other topics that will benefit you and your company. Each analysis will include:

  1. Metrics based on the medSage phone call and subsequent outcomes
  2. Clinical metrics, such as patient compliance
  3. Economic metrics, such as return on investment



medSage’s customer satisfaction team helps to ensure your success by offering several training options that will fit your learning style and time frame. We provide one-on-one training with a member of our team, either at your office or online by utilizing web conferencing technologies.

Our customer satisfaction web site gives medSage customers access to online training videos, which can be viewed at any time day or night. Training topics are not limited to learning how to use the medSage application alone. Our customer satisfaction web site will give you access to training videos in the following areas:

  1. A complete application overview
  2. Patient education about the follow-up program and its benefits
  3. Software new features and enhancements

Next Steps